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May 23, 2016
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05/09/16 Minutes
May 09, 2016

TOWN OF DRAPER                                                                       6994N Main Street

1-715-266-2110                                                                                  Loretta, WI54896



The regular monthly meeting for the Town of Draper was called to order on Monday, May 9, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. at the Draper Town Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Present were Chairman E. Peters, First Supervisor R. Zaborski, Second Supervisor J. Hanke, Treasurer D. Dobilas, Clerk B. Adler and five citizens.  The Agenda was approved on a motion by Sup JH, seconded by Sup RZ, motion carried with all in favor.


The Chairman made the motion that the bids for crack sealing and repaving town roads be moved up on the Agenda, Sup RZ seconded, the motion carried.  The bids that were submitted for crack sealing North Clover Road from Fishtrap Road north ¾ of a mile were as follows:  Lakes Asphalt $1,952.00; Superior Sealers $1,040.00; Pitlik & Wick $6,160.00: and Fahrner $5,000.00 no decision was made to award the contract, the differences in the amounts were due to the distance between job sites with travel time for equipment.  The patching and paving on Town Roads the bids were as follows:  Monarch paving for wedging and overlay of 1 ½ inches of hot asphalt Broadway Street, Fifth Street, Third Street and Blaisdell Lake Road, (on Blaisdell Lake Road this covers the areas marked)  the quote was in tons needed with a total of $111,513.75;

Fahrner submitted a bid for patching of Broadway, Fifth and Third Streets using a seamless infrared system $4,375.00; the  Pitlik & Wick bid for pulverizing, grading and double chip sealing Broadway Street $111,949.39 and from Lake Loretta Bridge north covering areas that need patching $167,239.29 this would include pulverizing, adding gravel and double sealing, Third Street, $19,476.10, Fifth Street $20,019.25; bids will be discussed and a possible awarding of contracts will be made  at a Special Meeting to be held on May 16, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.  Sup RZ made a motion to change the agenda so Mr. Dittmer will be next on the agenda, Sup JH seconded, the motion carried. The discussion included the fact that the access to his property goes across National Forest Land and he is not allowed to add gravel.  The Special Use Permit Application for Adam Dittmer was approved on a motion by Sup JH with Sup RZ making the second, the motion carried.  The concrete slab improvements for the park pavilion, Dave Tom gave a quote of $1,300.00; this includes $750.00 for materials and $550.00 labor. The Draper Community Club would cover half of the cost which would be $650.00.  Sup RZ made a motion to approve the expenditure of $650.00, Sup JH made the second, the motion carried with all in favor.


The Correspondence was follows:  information on the Great Lakes Basin Transportation regarding a rail line in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin; from Winter School District, Steve Olson was elected for Area #5, at large. The Minutes of the April 11, 2016 meeting were approved as corrected on a motion by RZ with Sup JH making the second, the motion carried with all in favor.


Old Business:  Discussion of the portable toilet for the transfer station was postponed until June meeting; Spring Clean-up there will not be a dumpster at the transfer station this year, Sup JH will check with Dick Burt; Bids for the Town Hall foundation will be discussed after the report  from CS Design is received.


The Chairman met with Mr. S. Schraufnagel from CS Design and Engineering and he has sent a proposal which will cover all aspects of the Town Hall including exterior, interior, as well as infrared imaging and for ADA compliance.  A budget will be prepared so that the costs associated with the required upgrades needed for the Town Hall will be listed.  The costs for this inspection and report will not exceed $1,750.00.  This will be discussed and possibly approved on the Agenda for the Special Meeting on Monday, May 16, 2016.

The Application for Land Use Permit (Shoreland) approved by Sawyer County Zoning was for

            Norbert Laufenberg – new accessory building was received

After discussion a portable toilet for the park for the summer (Memorial Day to mid-September) was approved on a motion by Sup RZ with Sup JH making the second, the motion carried with all in favor. A new fax, scanner and copier is needed for the office, the discussion included what is needed and the cost. Sup JH made a motion to approve the purchase up $300.00, Sup RZ seconded, the motion carried with all in favor.  The ATV-UTV Ordinance discussion included the following:  Forest Roads within the Town of Draper are closed to ATV-UTV traffic when USFS trails are closed, this was approved on a motion by Sup RZ with Sup JH making the second, the motion carried with all in favor.


Town Roads:  The stop sign by The Rum Shack is set too far back from the intersection of the Frontage Road and Main Street. No decision was made but the discussion included the comment of painting a white line in the right hand lane. Stop at the line, added to the sign


The Financial Report was approved on motion by Sup JH with Sup RZ making the second the motion carried.  Vouchers were approved as submitted.  Next meeting will be June 13, at 4:00 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Adler


Town of Draper

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