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May 23, 2016
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06/13/16 Minutes
Jun 13, 2016

TOWN OF DRAPER                                                                       6994N Main Street

1-715-266-2110                                                                                  Loretta, WI54896




The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Supervisors for the Town of Draper was called to order on Monday, June 13, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.  Present were Chairman E. Peters, First Supervisor R. Zaborski, Second Supervisor J. Hanke, Treasurer D. Dobilas, Clerk B. Adler, town crew member Paul and two citizens.


The Agenda was read and approved on a motion by Sup. JH with Sup RZ seconding, the motion carried with all in favor. 


Correspondence:  copy of letter sent with ATV-UTV Ordinance 6/13/2016; packet of information from Sawyer County Community Health Improvement Program regarding alcohol licensing; letter from Northwoods Community Credit Union regarding Phillips office; and letter from State of Wisconsin stating that the audit of the Draper Volunteer Fire Department found that it is not in compliance and because of such it will not receive the 2% dues this year; the Connors Lake Association contacted the Chair regarding the ambulance coverage from Sawyer County for their area; and Sup JH stated that the catalogs for playground equipment has very expensive units.


Public Recognition:  S. Zmuda has a kid’s basketball hoop that she would donate to the park; the Board stated she has their permission.  She also asked about the survey of the cemetery, it has not been done; Chairman will contact Pleoger as to when he can complete the survey. 

Minutes of the May 9, 2016 regular meeting were approved with corrections on a motion by Sup JH, Sup RZ made the second, motion carried.  Special Meeting of May 16, 2016 were approved on a motion by Sup JH, Sup RZ made the second, motion carried.


Old Business:  Update on the tornado siren- it is still inoperative; Sup RZ is working on it with John Kruk from Sawyer County.  Portable toilet for transfer station- after discussion stay with Ron’s from Hayward.  Town Hall update- the printed report from C&S Design and Engineering has not yet been received so it will be put on July agenda.  Update on concrete for park pavilion- it is complete but some landscaping needs to be done to smooth the gravel on the ends.


New Business: K. Rankin has asked for someone about loaning tables. Sup JH made a motion to rent the old tables with a deposit of $25.00 each, Sup RZ seconded, motion carried.  After discussion regarding the removal of sidewalk along Willard Street and Frontage Road, Sup JH made the motion giving the Luker permission to remove it with the stipulation that they would be responsible for any damages to the road, Sup RZ seconded, motion carried with all in favor. The following liquor licenses were approved as listed with all in favor.

Eagle Lodge Resort & Campground, LLC-Greg Wolf, owner; Sup RZ motion, Sup JH second

North Country’s Hardwood Café-Suzanne J. Cain, owner; Sup RZ motion, Sup JH second

The Rum Shack- Penny Jo Zeidler, owner; Sup JH motion, Sup RZ second

Wendy & Joe’s Steakhouse, Wendy Halama, owner; Sup JH motion, Sup RZ second

The Applications for Land Use Permit (non-shoreland) approved by Sawyer County Zoning were as follows:  Steven Briggs new or replacement accessory structure; Adam Dittmer new dwelling; and an Application for Land Use Permit (Shoreland) approved by Sawyer County Zoning for Joyce Lamont and addition or alteration to dwelling.


Town Roads:  the damages from the storms included water over North Clover Road which has not gone down since the storm, and numerous wash outs of culverts.  Received from Sawyer County Emergency Management was information for getting money back for road repairs.  The Chairman will fill out the forms and submit them. To consider projects in the Flambeau River State Forest for a 10 or 20% match in funding, these will be considered for next year and a grant application will be submitted.  There has not been an update regarding Monarch’s getting the roads resurfaced. 


The Financial Report was approved on a motion by Sup JH with Sup RZ making the second, motion carried with all in favor.


The Vouchers were approved as submitted.


Next meeting will be WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016, note the date change.


Meeting adjourned at 5:25


Brenda Adler


Town of Draper

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