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Annual Budget Meeting
Nov 14, 2018
The Annual Public Town Budget Meeting will take place November 14th at 7PM at the Draper Town Hal...READ MORE »

Town Government FAQ
Nov 13, 2018
Many people have questions about how the Town government runs- the answers may be found in the Wi...READ MORE »

Public Test of Voting Machine
Nov 02, 2018
In compliance with Wisconsin State Law, the Town of Draper will hold a public test of its voting ...READ MORE »

Elections Deadlines for Nov 6, 2018
Nov 02, 2018
Late voter registration period ends at 5PM Friday- the Clerk's office will be open from 9AM-5...READ MORE »


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Emergency Board of Supervisors Meeting
Oct 17, 2018

TOWN OF DRAPER                                                                       6994N Main Street

1-715-266-2110                                                                                  Loretta, WI 54896


An Emergency meeting of the Board of Supervisors for the Town of Draper will take place on Wednesday, October 17 at 9AM at the Draper Town Hall. This agenda is posted on the Town Hall, in Loretta/Draper Town Park, and on the Town of Draper website at



           The Board will consider and potentially accept the resignation of the Town Clerk and appoint a replacement.


Next regular Board of Supervisors meeting will be November 12, 2018 at 4PM at Draper Town Hall

Annual Budget Meeting: 7PM. November 14, 2018 at Draper Town Hall


Edward Peters

Chair, Town of Draper

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